Department of Management Studies

Head of Department Mr A. Kaumba
Campus Location Polytechnic Main Campus
Contacts 01873744
Faculty School of Business and Economic Sciences
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The Management Studies Department is perhaps the most well-known of the three department under the Faculty of Commerce. It also has the distinction of offering the most programmes of the three departments in the Faculty. 

What We Currently Offer

The Department offers three undergraduate degrees, one master’s degree, and a doctorate in commerce. Also, the Department the site where various diploma courses, including those offered by the Association of Business Executives (ABE). 

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce (Banking and Finance) are being prepared for successful careers in the fields of banking and finance both in the private and public sectors so that there is a balance with the current rapid growth of different industries. The goal is to provide them with the requisite knowledge to serve the Malawi economy.

On the other hand, the Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurship) provides potential and future entrepreneurs with the knowledge regarding the processes of discovering, creating, evaluating and exploiting opportunities to create future goods and services and facilitate the entrepreneurial adventures of the most innovative graduates from the programme. The goal is to promote entrepreneurship as a potential career option for graduates, training them to create jobs in the economy than to seek jobs.

The Bachelor of Commerce (Tourism Management) seeks to develop highly trained personnel in tourism management with the dynamic understanding of the industry and capable of leading their organizations to create, develop and successfully manage tourist experiences they offer, adapt to changes in the market environment, attract international tourists and help the country achieve its economic growth objectives.  

Students who enroll in the Master of Business Administration (MBA) come from various backgrounds. The programme offers managerial training directed at senior and middle level staff in the civil service, parastatal and private sector. The goal of this Programme is to provide a cadre of managers who will meet the demand for professionals with advanced qualifications that is rapidly increasing in Malawi and indeed throughout the world. 

The department also offers a Ph.D. in Commerce as a terminal degree. Students can focus their doctoral studies in one of three areas: Entrepreneurship, Financial Management, Strategic Management. 

Other Ventures

Besides carrying out research, the academic members of staff under the Department carry out various consultancies. Generally, most of them are also associated with various professional organizations.