UniPOD to Promote Collaboration among Higher Education Institutions

News   Peter Bwanali   February 21, 2024
PIC: Secretary for Education, Mrs. Chikondano Mussa ( in white jacket) poses with other senior officials after touring the UniPod
University of Malawi Vice-Chancellor, Professor Samson Sajidu, has urged higher education institutions in the country to work together if they are to make the Malawi 2063 vision a reality.

Sajidu made the remarks on 8 February 2024 when Vice-Chancellors from Malawi`s public universities, Principals of Domasi and Nalikule Colleges of Education including some senior government officials toured the University Innovation Pod (UniPOD) at the Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences in Blantyre.

Sajidu said the coming up of the UniPOD will promote greater scientific achievements and described the UniPOD as a moment of realizing a dream for Malawi. He implored all universities in the country to shed off negative competition and instead complement each other by bringing together different ideas that can accelerate the pace of innovation to meet the aspirations of all Malawians.

"The state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure, including the personnel at the UniPOD will help our ideas come to fruition. It is therefore extremely important that as universities we work together in the field of research and innovation which will contribute to the social economic development of the country", said Sajidu.

The creation of the UniPOD at MUBAS has been made possible with funding from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) aimed at promoting creativity, ideation, learning, innovations and entrepreneurship among others. Students, innovators and creative artists will have access to the UniPOD. 

The centre has an audio-visual studio, virtual reality space, and metal, plastic, electronic and wood workshops among others.  The UniPOD will also offer services to the public at a fee for its sustainability.


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