Report Integrity Issues

Report Integrity Issues


One way you can help promote an ethical culture at MUBAS is to report suspected wrongdoing or breaches of ethical conduct.  The university has put in place a mechanism to provide a confidential and anonymous web-based system for reporting any concerns.

All reports made through this system will be reviewed by the MUBAS Internal Integrity Committee and then investigated by the appropriate office.


See the presentation on Introducing the Fight Against Corruption and Fraud at MUBAS.

What is a reportable violation of the MUBAS Internal Integrity Committee?

This system can be used to report concerns in the following categories:

  • bullying,
  • discrimination,
  • sexual misconduct,
  • or related retaliation,
  • academic and student affairs,
  • accounting and financial,
  • athletics,
  • human resources,
  • information technology,
  • research,
  • risk and safety, and concerns in other areas.

Examples of violations include

  • academic misconduct,
  • conflicts of interest,
  • misuse of university assets,
  • theft of university property,
  • unsafe working conditions,
  • hostile work environment,
  • data privacy,
  • research misconduct, and other violations of laws, rules or regulations.

If you have questions as to whether an action is reportable or not, please contact the MUBAS Internal Integrity Committee by sending an  email to