2024 University of Malawi Congregation

News   Lucy Isaac   March 18, 2024
PIC: 2024 UNIMA graduation ceremony
The Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) has graduated a total of 1269 students who were enrolled during the Federal University of Malawi era, representing 56% of the graduates.

The graduation ceremony, which was held on 13 and 14 March 2024 at the Great hall in Zomba, was presided over by Professor Samson Sajidu, Vice-Chancellor of University of Malawi (UNIMA). 

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Professor Sajidu congratulated the graduands for their achievement.  

“Today marks a significant milestone in your journey. You have been provided with necessary knowledge and skills in respective disciplines to discover, succeed and offer solutions for our country,” Sajidu said.

The UNIMA Vice Chancellor also urged the graduands to embrace uncertainty, take risks, and dare to dream big as they step into the world. 

The graduation was attended by a number of high profile personalities from Malawi Government such as the Director for Higher Education, Dr. Levis Eneya, who represented the Minister of Education. Also gracing the occasion were Vice-Chancellors from MUBAS, Mzuni and KUHeS. Five Executive Deans and council members from MUBAS also availed themselves for the ceremony.

One of the graduands from MUBAS, Debora Mkwinja, who graduated with a first-class in Mining Engineering-Honours, could not conceal her joy:

“I am very much excited because I never saw this coming, but it is God’s grace that I have made it this far”, said Mkwinja.

Mkwinja added that she will utilize the knowledge she has acquired to help providing significant solution to the mining industry.

Another graduand, Ratio Chiumia, who graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Tourism and Management from MUBAS, spoke confidently as he said: "We have been equipped with skills in entrepreneurship and introduced to creativity as well as innovations, and our country needs a lot of solutions. I am well prepared for the industry. Considering the knowledge that I have acquired, I believe that I will not look for jobs but rather endeavor to create jobs,” said Chiumia.

Graduands were awarded certificates, diplomas, and degrees. Of the 2255 students from MUBAS, KUHeS, and UNIMA who graduated, 44.1% are females and 55.9% are males. 

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