MUBAS mental health awareness

News   Rhobin Phwetekele   April 3, 2022
PIC: It is okay to not be okay, speak out
MUBAS mental health awareness, a theme portrayed to empower all students and also staff at Malawi University of Business and Applied sciences (MUBAS) to speak out, and to acknowledge how their lives may matter to the society at large by ensuring that suicide is not a solution and choosing to speak out to our neighbors would be an option to save and find solutions
Mental health cases have risen in the recent years in relation to different causes which includes relationship breakups, examination failure and more, these have impacted the youth and the community at large to indulge into unnecessary decision without consultation. The awareness that took place at Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) from 28th March to 2nd April had a lot of activities within the week in sharing thoughts and solutions on how to deal with mental health awareness before the actual day of closing the ceremony that took place on Saturday. Professor Chiwoza Banda, a psychologist who took his time to share some education thoughts on mental health to the students at large, the session which was very exciting and that inspired a lot of students to come in large numbers as they had a number of questions based on how to deal with the mental issues, the session helped a lot. Despite special education sessions within the week, the awareness was closed with different activities on 2nd of march, where by the closure included a lot of activities including a parade, poems, drama, violin and more performances on the actual venue that was communicated. The event was greatly patronized by the alumni community, the stakeholders from Blantyre DHO and National bank. To empower the students, the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor who also had to attend the ceremony, made few remarks on how students could cope up with different mental health issues and how they can seek for solution to reduce cases on the mental issues, despite the Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor making his remarks, the Associate Professor Eric Omar who also made a powerful speech before closing the ceremony inspired many and shared thoughts and how we can resolve mental cases.
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